Dodge Neon

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Car Details
Manufacture Date
Engine & drivetrain
  • currently installing a SRT-4 modified engine
  • not sure the name but its pretty sweet has a silencer on it for noise reduction
  • dont know much about that
  • low profiles and right now i got some crappy core racers on i know they suck!
  • mostly blitz and extreme dimensions
Audio & security
  • 12 re audio subwoofers
  • 4 macrom amplifiers and a custom built wall in the backseat totaling 153.5 on the spl meter not bad could be better
Future Modifications
Other Info
Here is a list of people i would like to thank for there hard work on my car and the work that is still being done \ Performance plus distributors: Body and Engine Modification\ Saskatoons audio express: Car audio Products and Installation\ DHP Holdings: Custom Paint and Fabrication\ Braithwates Upolstery: Interior Fabrication\ \ There is alot more work to be done on my car so there will be updates as things happen Thank you everyone my car looks great and its attracting alot of attention


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nice car man

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hit me up man at [email protected]

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your car looks like a peice of shit man neons are dirt even with your lambos it still looks cheap id race you for pinks then sell you car for parts

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HOT AND COOL! got a big resemblance on batmobile..send us more pics! this car is a chick magnet. nice prestolite.