Nissan 1400 Ldv

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  • not much. maybe better rubber and a rotary engine.
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a little 1500cc pushrod motor (A15), stock internals, with Langley pistons, and 0.9mm chim-plate between 2 H-Gaskets, good for 15PSI on 93Octane and aprox 125Kw on the wheels. Obviously not through the std Gearbox.... running a Supra W58 box with copper clutch.


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this bakkie michine how much does it cost to upgrate it like that

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what is the feul injection that you used ?

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it's a custom built setup, I'm using Toyota 4A-GE injectors and T-Body, the rest is all custom.

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your manifold did you have one made or what manifold did you fit

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I posted some more pics of the manifolds, it's all custom built, I did it all myself.

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Don`t you blow head gascets the way you have done it?

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hi 3rotor i to have a 1400 like you and my carb is giving me endless problems could you perhaps have step by step instuctions on how to make it fuel injection please man in begging you