Dodge Neon R/T

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Car Details
Manufacture Date
Body Type
2.0l H.O.P.
Naturally Aspirated
DSG (Direct shift gearbox)
Quarter Mile
16.1 seconds
Engine & drivetrain
  • Magnaflow duels
  • eibach springs
Audio & security
  • Pioneer head
  • 2 6x9
  • 2 6/12x6 1/2
Future Modifications
  • Srt-4 Motor in garage. Rims


mrrobb81's picture

This is my ride when I got it it looked bad . the dealer I got it from tryed to make it stand out a little with red crappy thin pin stripes. in side just looked dull and lifeless. I think the Yellow rilly makes it stand out . And since I went with yellow why not throw a Mopar Bee into the mix . I have done a few cruises with Mopar heads and the old guys get a kick out of my car. I've done some minor motor work on it But i have a family that wants a home of our own so I dont have loads of money to put into it . So I do what I can when I can . I'm hopeing for a set of rims this year and a few motor mods going to run it till it dies then in gos the srt4 motor swap. Hope everyone likes it . I only could wish to have one of the bad ass cars some people on here have . thanks

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Super bad ass looking my friend . I love to see the guys that keep it old school. is it fast? Lookes a lot better than some of these toy on here. I have a 69 super bee my self with a 426 hemi . But I must say I would have your car as my daily driver. Love the bee.

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Oh wow I must say I love the old school and kutos to you on the old school look. I have a car on here but I wish I would have done something like this. I love old school. are you planning on any mods? to make it faster? looks awsome My buddy sent your page to me . and Wow I hope it does well on here thanks