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  • Rebuilt motor with forged bottom end, Slightly modified head (Porting & Polishing work, bigger valves), Oversized Throttle Body (52mm) and Bored Air Flow Meter Housing (49.5mm), Adjustable Cam Gears.
  • JDM Cultus GTi Intake Manifold, JDM Cultus GTi Camshafts, PROCOMP CSI Ignition Box, PROCOMP 60,000 volt coil, MSD Tach Adapter, Billet Fuel Rail, JDM Cultus GTi Injectors, TurboSmart T-Street Rising Rate Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator, TopGun 8.8mm Leads, Bosch 4-Prong Spark Plugs, Custom 'NBDESIGNS' Aluminium Intake Kit to Stock Airbox (K&N replacement filter inside), K&N Oil Breather Filter, SUZITech Chipped ECU (remapped fuel & Ignition Curves, extended Rev Limiter @ 9000rpm - Shift light set at 7750rpm), 'NBDESIGNS' Cold Start Valve (CSV) removal conversion.
  • Factory Suzuki Front & Rear Lip Kits
  • 2.25" press bent exhaust system all the way through (Hi flow cat
  • Custom Number Plates
  • centre baffle
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  • JDM Suzuki Cultus 4-1 Extractor with stock catalytic convertor & rear muffler
  • Federal 595 185/55 R14 tire
  • JDM Suzuki Cultus Intake Manifold
  • Koni Yellow Shock Absorber + lowered spring
  • Nology Hotwire Spark Plug Cable
  • HKS Super Flow Mushroom Filter 200mm