Pontiac Grand Prix

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Car Details
Manufacture Date
Body Type
3800 Series II
3,800 cc
Naturally Aspirated
1,685 kg
Quarter Mile
13.1 seconds
Engine Power
226 kW
430 Nm
Engine & drivetrain
  • Custom Machined Heads, Yella 1.9-1 rockers, 72mm Throttle body, Throttle body Ultem spacer, ZZP power Log, hyper tuned PCM, 180 thermostat. Clandestine Ram Air System setup. "Custom designed" valve covers, upper strut tower tie, top motor mounts & brackets, functional plenum cooling cover to interface with the F.1 hood function, electrical module center cover & locking nut, Indian head emblems & cross braces, oil cap, master cylinder cap, overflow cap, oil dipstick.
  • Relocated coil pack bracket & coils 1.5" away from engine to enhance coil cooling. Chromed alternator, steel bar alternator brace replaced with polished 6061 aluminum bar. ZZP front power log, ZZP 3" cat down pipe U bend delete, new stock OEM cat back system.
  • ZZP front power log
  • ZZP 3" cat down pipe U bend delete
  • new stock OEM GTP one piece welded cat back system.
  • BMR Traction bars & lateral bars with custom SS adjusters and locking nuts
  • ZZP solid 34mm frt. sway bar/custom links
  • GMPP 19mm rear sway bar/custom links
  • front & rear KYB adjustable struts with OEM racing springs. Front track increased 1.5 overall width
  • rear track increased 2.5" overall width. Front upper strut bearings have been replaces with industrial duty torsional bearings
  • while all related plastic components have been replaced by custom built aluminum pieces. Additional hand built and blueprinted front & rear suspension components replaced existing ones. Rear suspension cradle is re-designed with increased re-reinforcements. Lower A-arms the vertical bearing was replaced with a custom designed & made spherical heim bearing design.
  • Custom made specifically for this car
  • Polished 8 X 18 - 5 spoke
  • and fitted with handmade centers
  • mounted with Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 P-245 45r 18
  • Hood is an F.1 MPD. Rear spoiler is a OEM 2003 limited Edition piece. The headlights are projection HIDs & the tail lights are LEDs. The rest of the body is stock except for the emblems. These are custom designed and made using 6061 aluminum and on the front arrowhead an inlay of amber (Ultem)

Modified and custom through out.

Audio & security
  • Stereo is stock except for the 200 watt amp behind the rear seat pass through.
Future Modifications
  • Yet to come
  • a custom front splitter.
Other Info
*The Last American Indian Story* For a myriad of reasons I sold my “69” & “74” Z/28 that were both custom in 2004 after 35 and 30 years of ownership! I had bought a brand new 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix before selling the Camaros and for a FWD it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t the Z/28s, but I loved the updated Coke bottle shape and styling. So I embarked on a new path in the winter of “04”. A path that I didn’t know would became that of The Last American Indian! With the 1997-2003 Grand Prix being the last American designed & built Pontiac and the end of Pontiac as a car company occurring just a few short years later! This car was not lower! in fact on initial build it sat 1.5" higher, but the car increased in weight by 300 lbs. an additional 80 lbs. was removed, & relocated, from the front nose area of the car, most of which sat 14" - 20" ahead of the front axle center line, part of this was the relocation of the battery to the trunk spare tire well. The entire frame structure and dead spaces (lower firewall & rear cavity structure, control arm area) were filled with structural urethane foam, contributing 22 lbs of the 300. 30 lbs was added to the rear impact bar. Slightly more than 340 lbs of weight was relocated to the rear half of the car and all weight added and moved was below center line of gravity which effectively lowered CG 2" and the roll center 3.5" and re-balancing the weight to 54/46 weight distribution. This resulted in .87g lateral acceleration on the skid pad test (300'). Likewise the braking improved to 147' at 70 MPH. Both HP and gear lockup were substantially increased.


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Nice! Too bad GM killed off Pontiac.

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Thanks! Pontiac was the best arm of GM (IMO), but all good things come to an end as they say. The "97-03" GP were the last hoorah for that Muscle car look for GM, again IMO