Car history

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  • Then basically tidy up the engine bay and paint work, and just enjoy the car for what it is and for what i spent almost 10 years building it for - To have fun !
  • Rebuilt motor with forged bottom end, Slightly modified head (Porting & Polishing work, bigger valves), Oversized Throttle Body (52mm) and Bored Air Flow Meter Housing (49.5mm), Adjustable Cam Gears.
  • Alarm System consisting of Glass Break Sensors, Tilt Sensors, GPS Tracking, SMS notifications, SMS arming / disarming, automatic arming, automatic window winding, bonnet/doors/windows/boot/fuel door sensors, keyless entry, remote/ keyless start and turnoff, Keypad/Anti-Hijacking, 5 Point immobiliser.
  • JDM Cultus GTi Rear Centre Fog Light
  • Aftermarket / Standalone ECU, TORSEN LSD.